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About the Network

The Mountain Action Network is a collaboration of independent snow, mountain, and action sports media properties including web, email, print, and social media. The network is tied together on shared advertising and content distribution platform. For mountain sports businesses, this means that you can manage, measure, and distribute advertising and content - all from one place - using a single login.

How It Works

  1. Combine Advertising, Offers, and Content
    In order to get results, you need to control your message. This includes original content, facts, pricing, offers, and paid advertising. With so many choices and so many places to reach your audience, its difficult and time consuming to control messaging, let alone advertising budgets. The Mountain Action Network makes it easy, enabling you to combine and control your messaging to reach the widest possible audience.
  2. Manage, Measure and Distribute
    The Mountain Action Network provides mountain sports businesses with a single interface to manage content, advertising, and offers. With a single login, you can store and update information that can be shared with media partners, track banner campaigns, and see results for text offers in real time. With the entiirety of your messaging combined in one easy to use tool, you can choose where your message is distributed, including Mountain Action Network sites, your own sites, or your partners in the media.

    The network enables you to distibute information easily and automatically by proviiding partners with out of the box white label sites, or direct access to XML based feeds and information. The system keeps everything updated in one place, stopping the endless filling out of forms for different sites and partners. One place to manage, measure, and distribute.

  3. Reach Your Audience
    With all of your messaging in one place, choose specific target markets and drive traffic. The network enables you to change messaging on the fly, enabling you to instantly see results for trial campaigns, and giving you the ability to change direction immediately.

Media Partners

An abbreviated list of partners is shown below. Please contact us for a complete list.

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