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For Mountain Sports Businesses

Bigger Audiences. Better Programs and Results. The Best Value, Period.

With so many choices, it's difficult to decide where to spend promotional dollars. Worse, it's terribly time consuming to place ads and determine what brought the best return. There's a new way make to make things easier - and cheaper!

The Mountain Action Network is a joint collaboration of targeted, niche specific mountain sports media. We've brought together the best and combined it into a single package - from popular web sites with long histories to new print magazines, blogs, Twitter, mobile applications, and email - all in a single network.

This means spreading your message and getting serious results from the widest possible audience of skiers and riders with the best demographics, at the best rates, all from one place:

  • One Interface - to control your messages and advertising and distribute it to third parties
  • One Place to Measure - check results and determine ROI
  • One Easy Buy - keeping costs and complexity down and sales up

One network reaching many consumers in many ways - simultaneously - all at lower cost, with more power, flexibility, and results. The future is hereā€¦


  • Web
    • MultiMedia Profile Ads
      100% performance based, these packages allow you to highlight your business by posting and distributing detailed information, including pricing, offers, videos, menus, events, and detailed descriptions. Your message is managed from one place and automatically distributed across our network.
    • Coupons, Offers & Packages
      Publish and maintain coupons, offers, or packages and have them automatically distributed to network partners instantly and immediately.
    • Banners
      Numerous large format banner options allow you to target based on site, activity, location, and user location.
  • Email
    • Dedicated Blasts
      The network combines opt-in email audiences from partnering sites. Reach them easily and cost effecitvely with your dedicated message.
    • Newsletters
      The network includes several opt-in mountain sports related newsletters reaching thousands of core participants.
    • Snow Reports
      Sent every morning during the season, reach the core market of high frequency participants on our daily snow report emails.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      Text based offers can be automatically distributed across numerous mountain sports and travel specific Twitter accounts.
    • Blogs
      Your messages are posted, promoted, and discussed across network blog sites.
    • Facebook
      Your messages are posted across network Facebook accounts.
  • Print
    Include print based advertising through the network's partnering print publications.
  • Content Syndication
    From trail maps and travel packages to ski rental prices and restaurant menus, manage and distribute your content to the network and third parties from our industry leading cloud based platform.

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