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For Publishers

The Mountain Action Network is a specialized advertising and content delivery network consisting of a collection of more than 25 independent snow, mountain, and action sports media properties, including web sites, email, social media, and print.

The goal of the network is to combine the presence of multiple independent web sites into a single promotional platform for indsutry businesses in order to provide the best possible value while ensuring truly independent and unique content.

Maintain Independence

Each site operates independently of the network. There are no ownership changes between member sites, and no costs, dues, fees associated with, or ownership of the network by members. Sites are not required to accept or provide network advertising or content, but may do so at their choosing.

Drive Revenue

Sites that are members of the network have the option to:
  • Publish network ads on their sites and receive revenue from those ads
  • Extend current advertisers to the network, and receive a share of spend on network member sites
  • Add network content to their sites, including monetized content sectons, to increase advertising revenue and pageviews
  • Provide content to the network for use on member sites to get a share of revenue generated from that content
  • Refer subscribers to opt-in network email newsletters and get paid on all future revenue for each referral
  • Provide opt-in subscribers for dedicated email blasts to gain revenue while maintaining privacy (addresses are never shared or sold to anyone)

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